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The amendment also allows the use of government money market funds for IOTA funds; however, only money market funds that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and are comprised solely of United States Government securities, are permitted for use in the IOTA program.
The Company has assets in excess of $15,000,000, primarily in United States government securities, which was raised in connection with its initial public offering in January 1992.
According to Amada's complaint, the Princeton Notes were marketed with the assurance that the proceeds of the sale of these notes would be deposited in segregated accounts at Republic Securities and invested in United States Government securities as a means of securing repayment of the Princeton Notes.
David Goldblatt's career of over 29 years is in trading, selling, and financing United States Government Securities and money market funds.
Following this offering, the Company will have cash and United States Government securities totaling approximately $23 million, putting DUSA in position to continue its active program of clinical trials on ALA PDT and PD.

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