unemployment rate

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Unemployment rate

The percentage of the people classified as unemployed as compared to the total labor force.

Unemployment Rate

The percentage of a population's workforce not working but willing to work and actively seeking a job. A high unemployment rate is considered a negative sign both economically and socially. However, the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator: it rises and falls in response to a macroeconomic change rather than in anticipation of one. This may be because employers do not hire employees unless they are confident that they will be able to afford to retain them.

unemployment rate

the number of unemployed persons expressed as a percentage of the total LABOUR FORCE. See UNEMPLOYMENT.

unemployment rate

the number of unemployed workers expressed as a percentage of a country's LABOUR FORCE. In the UK the unemployment rate is calculated using two measures of the number of people employed: CLAIMANT COUNT UNEMPLOYMENT, which is based on the number of people registering as unemployed at JOB CENTRES, and INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE (ILO) UNEMPLOYMENT, which is based on the LABOUR FORCE SURVEY in which people interviewed state whether they are employed or unemployed. (See UNEMPLOYMENT for further details.) Unemployment rates can be used to measure changing job opportunities over time and between countries. They also provide a summary measure of the degree of under-employment of FACTORS OF PRODUCTION, that is, the extent to which a country's ACTUAL GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT falls short of POTENTIAL GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT, resulting in a DEFLATIONARY GAP. See ACTIVITY RATE, DISGUISED UNEMPLOYMENT, FULL EMPLOYMENT, VACANCY RATE.
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The official unemployment rate we hear about most in the headlines is called the U3.
Iran's national unemployment rate in the second quarter stood at 11.
The unemployment rate calculated from the total number of jobseekers reached 7.
Davidson and Williamson counties have the states lowest unemployment rates at 2.
Some groups had worse unemployment rates than others in the transition years from 1995-2002.
The figures show that the unemployment rate in Bulgaria steadily decreased in the past year from 12.
Here's a chart of unemployment rates, by college majors and by experience:
The Cyprus seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate reached 14.
After most postwar recessions, it took at least eight months for the unemployment rate to fall by one full percentage point.
Chen Min, deputy director of the national-status census department, DGBAS, pointed out that fresh school graduates had gradually found jobs and the number of jobless people caused by business shrinkage or closures didn't expand, leading to decline in unemployment rate in November.
While these external shocks have the potential to explain increases in unemployment, it is hard to argue that they differed enough between the United States and other countries to justify such a difference in the behavior of unemployment rates.
There are significant differences in unemployment rates across counties in the Fourth District.

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