Underwriting Factors

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In addition to listing concerns about the possible effects of a tobacco surcharge on low-income consumers and African-American consumers, Dillon said some have speculated that "insurers could use a high tobacco-rating factor as an indirect underwriting factor for other conditions.
So there's that underwriting factor that's already applied to them that there's a personal passion for this stuff.
Some companies actually have different underwriting guidelines based on how they find out about a particular underwriting factor.
In Schedule 3, we examine how a simple dichotomous underwriting factor reflecting the presence or absence of chronic disability affected the prediction of service use.
The quality of independent directors' oversight is a weighty underwriting factor.
At the same time, the carriers and their representatives are careful to say, as Stokes does, that any underwriting factor is a valuable tool, "as long as it doesn't violate any of the state's statutory prohibitions, which clearly these don't.
The long-abandoned industry practice of using race as an underwriting factor meant that African Americans and other minorities with affected policies paid higher premium rates than whites.
The long-abandoned industry practice of using race as an underwriting factor means that blacks and other minorities paid higher premiums than whites.
Using credit as an underwriting factor has allowed Progressive--and our agents--to offer more accurate and lower rates to more people," the company said in a statement.
Alcohol abuse is an important underwriting factor for younger applicants, because motor-vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in a population under 49 years old and those accidents are predominantly caused by alcohol abuse, he said.
The homeowners' industry learned that one of the most important underwriting factors, the resident owner, was missing from their pricing and underwriting process.
Limiting underwriting factors can penalize drivers and drive up the cost of insurance for everyone.