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underlying service includes making promotional solutions and conducting public relations activities for publicity and information for smes on open calls for proposals for grants and successfully implemented projects financed by the european regional development fund in accordance with the description of the procurement at this point of the bidding documents and the bill of quantities in annex fifth
They say messenger apps will potentially serve as the "sustainable underlying service layer" that helps to "solidify Facebook's position" among competitors.
In response to the lack of robustness in loosely coupled SOA-based applications, this research develops a framework for verifying an underlying service composition by formalizing the corresponding BPEL specification and transforming it into an XML-based formal model.
Changes in the organizational arrangements underlying service delivery will be accompanied by changes in staffing, infrastructure (notably information technology systems), and financial and performance requirements.
Underlying service revenues % 41 46 52 49 46 Percentage of fleet under 5 6 7 9 10 management
The report notes that the introduction of highly capable free analytics tools is forcing a change in the value proposition among vendors, from a point solution to an underlying service embedded within broader marketing applications.
According to the company, BT Wholesale will be assisting Biscit customers whose underlying service is provided by a direct connection to BT Wholesale's network.
This approach allows the enterprise customer to diversify technologies and underlying service providers.
The company continues to defer product and service revenue at the time of sale and amortizes that revenue over the period of the underlying service and other contractual obligations," said Plug Power.
His analysis of the tenets underlying service to the state leads to the conclusion that the term "citizen-soldier" is passe and persists only due to the myths associated with service.
Meracord offers consumers a safe way to make payments for services and products in accordance with underlying service provider agreements.