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Sharpe Award for Index Product of the Year, and the Fund's underlying index, the FTSE RAFI US 1000 Index, was recognized with the Index of the Year award.
ISE, which is part of Deutsche BE[micro]rse Group, has calculated the underlying index since August 26, 2015 with a base date of December 31, 2009.
The Underlying Index is designed to measure the potential equity market in Saudi Arabia, should the market open up to foreign investors, and may include large or mid or small capitalisation companies and [its] components primarily include financials, materials and telecommunications companies," BlackRock said in a SEC filing.
Leveraged ones, though, are designed to deliver some multiple of the daily performance of whatever underlying index the ETF tracks.
The contract, denominated in US dollars, will use the same settlement methodology and calculations as its underlying index, the SENSEX.
These contracts having indices as the underlying assets would give the buyer a right to buy or sell a specific level of the underlying index.
The ATX is the underlying index for the options and futures contracts traded on VSE and tracks the price trends of the blue chips in real time.
I tell investors they must get to know the underlying index before getting into an ETF," he said.
The note pays par maturity and a percentage appreciation of an underlying index that it selects.
FlexShares Quality Dividend Index Fund is passively managed and uses a representative sampling strategy to track its Underlying Index.
RMP can be used as an indexing benchmark, stock selection universe, underlying index for derivative instruments or performance benchmark.
The underlying index, Amundi ETF Floating Rate Euro Corporate 1-3 UCITS ETF, tracks the performance of corporate bonds with a variable coupon, or floater.