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1. An ancient Roman unit of length approximately equivalent to 24.6 millimeters. It was also called a pollex.

2. An ancient Roman unit of weight approximately equivalent to 27.4 grams.

3. An ancient Roman unit of area approximately equivalent to 210 square meters.

4. An obsolete unit of weight in the early metric system approximately equivalent to 32 grams.
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Indeed, as a reward for his efforts, Luca Peto, like Andrea Bacci, was given an uncia of water from the aqueduct for his own home, for his use and that of his successors.
Opal formed by hot springs is known from several sinter deposits around the stock, for example at Uncia.
A different sign, something like a C with a horizontal stroke below, is used for the fraction 1/2 uncia.
The same may be conducted for the genetic relationship of Panthera pardus with nearby species like Panthera uncia (Snow Leopard) as respective data are currently unavailable.
The avoidance of humans can also influence the behaviour as it has been shown for snow leopards Uncia uncia (Wolf & Ale 2009) and wolves Canis lupus (Theuerkauf et al.
Tuvo muchos amigos en el campo, especialmente Eusebio Inca y Abel Sanchez, y el jesuita Jaime Bartroli, quien le brindo su constante apoyo en la parroquia de Uncia.
La unidad metrologica conocida como siclus no aparece recogida en el CGL y la definicion ofrecida por Isidoro es diferente de esta porque la pone en relacion con la onza y distingue su valor cuando se encuentra en la Biblia y en los textos paganos (cum in litteris diuinis legatur siclus, uncia est; cum uero in gentilium quarta pars unciae).
Predation by snow leopards Panthera uncia on domestic stock is a typical example of the human-wildlife conflict (Bagchi & Mishra 2006), and it is considered a main challenge for developing proper management programmes for the species (Mishra et al.
Consequently confusion is possible with the other important localities in the department, which include Colquechaca and Llallagua, not to mention other less notable occurrences such as Chocaya, Chulchucani, Carguaicollo, Cerro Tazna, Cerro Malmisa, Huayna, Machacamarca, Maragua, Ocuri, Porco, Pulacayo, San Vincente and Uncia (all of which, incidentally, are represented by specimens in the Smithsonian collection).
Status of snow leopard Uncia uncia and its conservation in the tumor peak nature reserve in Xinjiang, China.