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The decision to escheat all funds from uncashed checks provides the remaining eligible borrowers and their heirs the additional opportunity to claim the funds through their states' escheatment claims processes.
He alleged that after the company acquired an oil and gas pipeline company that had various accounts containing uncashed utility deposits and other payments owed to the customers, it reclassified and renamed a liability account originally named "Unclaimed Property Liability" to "Converted Balance from Dec.
These time provisions can vary widely, ranging from one year for uncashed payroll checks, to between three and five years for other forms of intangible property, such as unredeemed gift cards, uncashed dividend payments and credit balances.
Visitors from the West, Latin and South America, tin-pot dictators from Africa, stern Stalinist-style Soviet bloc leaders -- all who made the trip and risked US scorn -- were shown the drawer-full of cheques, uncashed as Castro remained true to his Communist roots.
With a paper check, the IRS would issue a replacement check once it verified that the original refund check was lost or stolen and therefore uncashed by the taxpayer.
AUP can include uncashed payroll and vendor checks, unapplied accounts receivable credit balances, dormant bank and brokerage accounts, life insurance policies, gift certificates and gift cards, customer refunds and rebates, publicly traded securities, benefit plan payments, and the contents of safe deposit boxes.
Abandoned property can include stocks and bonds, uncashed checks and, in Staples' case, unclaimed customer rebates.
ONLY the heaviest hitters and those planning on retaining uncashed betting tickets as a memento are likely to be backing Frankel in the Juddmonte International, whose market reflects bookmakers' attempts to stave off an onslaught from each-way players, writes L ee Mottershead.
Over the phone - and with her permission - I described the contents that I hadn't gone through yet: a $5 uncashed check to her for Avon products, a Bi-Mart card issued July 5, 1974, three 13-cent "Airmail" stamps, six 10-cent regular stamps - stuff that brought back memories for Judy.
I won't be sending anything to my nephew after the cheque I sent for his 18th was left uncashed in a drawer.
Y - New York Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, a Democrat, sent a $50 check to honor a student at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, only to have it returned uncashed because of his vote in favor of same-sex marriage.