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This would in turn constrain monetary policy, which is critical to minimizing the cost to China of what's likely to be a very difficult adjustment after decades of deeply unbalanced growth.
Polarisation has intensified, owing partly to growing resistance to globalisation and the unbalanced growth patterns that have resulted from it.
The challenges of unbalanced growth and weak productivity are longstanding and undisputed.
In his paper "La notion de pole de croissance", Francois Perroux developed the theory of unbalanced growth of sectors or regions, known as polarized development theory or theory of the growth poles (1).
Mr Hammond hopes this will tackle Britain's unbalanced growth and the productivity gap between ourselves and our European and Trans-Atlantic competitors.
The gap between the privileged and marginalized sections are also growing, he said adding that along with tribals and Dalits, Muslims are the victims of this unethical and unbalanced growth.
The disjointed growth of gasoline and distillate consumption in the US (and in some other regions) reflects unbalanced growth between the consumer and business sectors.
Reality provided the answer that international trade precluded any need for balanced growth, while the temporary bottlenecks of unbalanced growth provided incentives to find new markets and to generate new technology.
Previously, the effect of monetary loosening would exacerbate unbalanced growth through SOEs and the shadow banking industry.
A malfunctioning or impairment of any of these five creates difficulties and an unbalanced growth or development of an individual.
Too much centralisation leads to unbalanced growth and creates economic issues of its own.
In response, the United States will find itself lacking the external source of saving it has long relied on as the sustenance of its unbalanced growth.