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If the Hawaii law mandates that an appraiser, serving only as an arbitrator where valuations are provided to the arbitrators by other appraisers, must comply with USPAP in the exercise of that function, then there is, in my view, a problem with the law.
The announcement also stated, "The provisions of USPAP are focused primarily on the appraisal needs of financial institutions involved in mortgage loan origination" and that "the evolution of USPAP over the past quarter-century to a rules-based rather than a principles-based set of standards makes it not always relevant for non-mortgage purposes.
As is the case with the classroom version of the National USPAP Courses, The Appraisal Foundation will not be offering the online course to students directly.
USPAP was developed in 1987 by The Appraisal Foundation, which was made up of banking and appraisal associations.
ValueNet EX- a USPAP compliant appraisal alternative designed to meet the needs of REO and loss mitigation managers.
I was appointed to the ASB in January 2003, and quickly learned that 10 years of teaching standards did not make me a USPAP expert.
USPAP in general is too overwhelming and intimidating.
Since state licensed and certified real estate appraisers use Zaio patent-pending technology and proprietary business processes to develop and report appraisal results to clients, Zaio thought it would be prudent to obtain third-party verification of USPAP compliance.
Pre-Conference AICPA sponsored ABV Workshop: Sunday, November 13 Re-Conference Workshops: Monday, November 14 Post-Conference ASA sponsored USPAP Course: Thursday, November 17 & Friday, November 18
The new two-year cycle will stabilize the standards for the benefit of appraisers, the users of appraisal services and professionals who enforce the standards while enabling all parties to become even more familiar with USPAP.
In the latter instance USPAP compliance would seem unavoidable.
Can be used as an alternative to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice or the International Valuation Standards when the use of USPAP or IVS is not required and the use of the SVP would be appropriate;