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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Golf Digest magazine said that Woods' winnings of more than 155 million US dollars reflect less than 12 per cent of his career earnings, with 1.
The report mentioned that second on the Golf Digest list is Woods' compatriot Phil Mickelson at 52 million US dollars, with an estimated 45 million US dollars in endorsements and other non-prize money income.
And the bank revised down its earnings for the first quarter by 459 million US dollars (pounds 296.
The value of Austria's FDI is highest-348 million US dollars, which present 34.
5 percent from the total inflow, distributed in banks and insurance companies (43, 3 million US dollars), processing industry (13, 6 million dollars) and real estate business with 10 million US dollars.
This was largely as a result of weak demand and pricing pressure on the coated fine paper business and the pressure on prices in the Southern African businesses due to the weak US Dollar relative to the Rand.
Net debt increased by US$62 million to US$1,571 million in the quarter largely as a result of translation of Euro and Rand debt into the group's reporting currency, the US Dollar, which has weakened during the period.
The financial results set forth above represent the Company's financial results under UK GAAP translated for convenience into US Dollars at the rate of US$:((L)pound) 1.
This means that the price per share for each successive tranche will have increased by approximately seven percent based on the 40 US dollar price announced in this release.
At exchange rates current for each period, net profit was 15% lower in US dollars, 11% lower in sterling and 9% lower in guilders.
55 US Dollars at the half year 1996 (December 31, 1995: 1 Pound = 2.
Weighted average US dollar rate with T+1 settlements in tenge made up KZT183.