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3 progresses toward an OASIS Standard, the UBR Beta implementation will provide for verification of the completeness of the specification, as well as give users and tool providers an opportunity to get ready for the new functionality," said George Zagelow, managing director, UDDI Operators Council.
His solution, a supplementary business rate, would allow councils to raise additional revenue on top of the UBR.
However RV multiplied by UBR often does not give the rates payable.
Mr Evans, who heads up the rating department in the West Midlands Office of King Sturge, said a rise in the UBR would take effect next April.
In his speech, Mr Brown was saying: "In the past, with the rigidity of the UBR, local authorities gained no direct financial incentive from giving priority to business creation.
Currently, a small firm with a turnover of under pounds 50,000 sees UBR as 36 per cent of profits where a large business with a turnover of pounds 1 million views it as only 3.
7 million who pay UBR - predominantly small businesses - and completely remove more than 150,000 from their rates liability.
In addition, the Promina 4000 can differentiate UBR performance based on configured peak cell rate.
The Labour Government promised to review the iniquitous UBR system when it came to power, as this was one of the real bugbears for small businesses.
The Fx chipset supports all the standard ATM QoS mechanisms, including CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt, UBR, and ABR.
The ATM PMC NIC uses the PCI ATM SAR 'NICStar' controller from IDT, which supports all CBR, VBR, UBR and ABR service classes.
CMTS: Broadband Access Systems Cuda 12000, Cisco UBR, RiverDelta's Broadband Services Routers(TM), Terayon's Teralink, other standard DOCSIS-compliant CMTS