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They calculate a similar measure of the difference between the yield on U.
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Joint Member Agencies) today issued this statement to highlight significant actions taken since the issuance last July of their Joint Staff Report on the U.
Equally disturbing was that, whether intentional or not, the U.
NASDAQ: PFBI) said that it has been notified that it successfully bid to repurchase 10,252 shares of the 22,252 shares of Premier's Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Shares, series A, issued to the U.
The NASDAQ OMX Group and PC-Bond, a TMX Group subsidiary and long-time provider of benchmarks for Canadian fixed income investments, have entered into a partnership to provide a family of U.
Just a year before, in its May 2005 report to the Congress, the U.
1 Billion in new markets tax credits awarded by the U.
Under the Board's policy, each Reserve Bank's net income after the statutory dividend to member banks and the amount necessary to equate surplus to paid-in capital is transferred to the U.
Similar to conventional bonds, the stated coupon rate for U.
The settlement marks the first time a municipal borrower will recover funds lost through a practice called yield-burning: overcharging for U.
The General Collateral Finance Repurchase Agreements (repos) index, launched in 2009, is based on U.
Roughly a third of China's central bank reserves, approaching an astounding $1 trillion, are in U.

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