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However, these authorities have approved prices for biologics that are high in absolute terms and relative to U.
Price variations by therapeutic area: prices in six major markets compared to U.
Ex-Manufacturer Prices of Select Best-Selling Prescription Drugs Expressed as a Percentage of U.
Prices of Leading Cardiovascular Drugs in the Major Markets as a Percentage of U.
Prices of Leading Metabolic Disease Therapies in the Major Markets as a Percentage of U.
The causes of the decline probably differ by area: In Western Europe it may be the continuing effects of the gain in U.
Second, since the third quarter of 1989, the dollar has retraced part of its earlier rise against the major foreign currencies, thereby restoring some of the U.
Exports to the newly industrializing economies of Asia (NIEs) were particularly strong, spurred both by rapid economic growth in those countries and by more recent gains in U.
Other net service receipts increased fairly strongly last year, as tourism, travel, and transportation expenditures responded to earlier gains in U.
wages and other costs, has substantially improved U.
We offer the same ocean and stunning views but at a fraction of U.
The stainless bar petition asserts that domestic manufacturers have been forced to lower their U.