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In summary, a turnkey system should leave a brewery owner worry free.
Operational results were very strong in turnkey systems but also in the lease-and-operate unit if you exclude writedowns," said Paul Andriessen, analyst at ABN Amro.
Alpha I specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey systems for heat treating, brazing and wire heating.
Turnkey systems include InterWet technology for coinjection of fiberglass reinforcement or fillers in the mixhead; CannOxide for the production of liquid carbon-dioxide-blown molded foams; CarDio for liquid-carbon-dioxide blown slabstock foams; Duotec for low-density SRIM and RRIM door panels; Zero-Time Change fixtures, drum units, Paternosters, Car Trak systems, and laminators for rigid and appliance foams; Stratotec for headliners; Insotec for sound absorption applications; and Capsotec for window encapsulation.
Turnkey systems for automated, production-line leak/function testing by InterTech Development Co.
GT Equipment/GT Solar Technologies, a global leader in photovoltaic technologies and turnkey systems, has announced that an executive with strong international business experience, Jeffrey J.
Turnkey systems with consulting from concept to installation and startup training.
The company offers net weighers with feeders for pellets and chemicals; automatic carton, drum and pail filling lines with indexing roller conveyors; automatic hatching systems for the rubber and chemical industries; feeding, screening and product conveying systems; and total turnkey systems custom-engineered to the most exacting specifications, according to the literature.
NASDAQ: ROSS) today announced it has signed an agreement with SMS' Turnkey Systems Division (TSD) allowing SMS to offer both SMS' ALLEGRA system and Ross' Renaissance Financial Series and its Human Resources Series for sale to hospitals and other healthcare institutions.
Thomas said Anghel will add to the company's fiscal 1993 earnings both through sales of its own products and by helping increase sales of turnkey systems.
Under the DECCO contract, we are providing the entire satellite communications terminal, which validates our capability as a full turnkey systems supplier to the telecommunications industry.