Turnaround time

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Turnaround time

Time available or needed to effect a turnaround.

Turnaround Time

1. The time it takes for share prices that had been declining to begin to improve. For example, if a publicly-traded company has been in a prolonged bear market, but its share price eventually stabilizes and begins to move back up, the turnaround time describes the entire duration of this process.

2. The time it takes for an unprofitable company to begin to become profitable. For example, if a company has been posting losses, but it restructures and becomes profitable, the turnaround time describes the entire duration of this process.

3. In supply chain management, the amount of time between a supplier receiving an order and its delivery to the distributor or customer. This is important for both custom-made products and mass production, and suppliers are expected to know the lead times for their different products. It is particularly important for just-in-time supply chains, in which each step in the supply chain is expected to know precise turnaround time. It is also known as lead time.
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Wright, laboratory manager and assistant director of lab services, had received several complaints about the turn-around times in some departments.
He indicates that the claim processing turn-around time through the month of December was .
Poor turn-around time leads to not-mission-ready equipment.
They are ideal for automotive, motorsports, aerospace and other industries requiring rapid turn-around time for small to extra-large plastic parts.
Credit Unions and their members will benefit as the alliance will streamline loan document management, require less resources and shorten the loan turn-around time, while offering credit unions a broader selection of alternatives to traditionally expensive home equity services," said Chris Flint, president of CRI Systems.
As an authorized repair facility, Barfield recognizes the importance of quality and turn-around time for its customer base, and has been supporting Airbus/Boeing products for more than 15 years.
No other ripping company can match our depth of experience, quality and turn-around time.