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When tulips reached Holland, breeders there continued to experiment, tulipomania swept the country, and hybrids came to dominate the market.
The next piece, Tulipomania refers to what Allen Greenspan dubbed "irrational exuberance" during the housing boom leading to the burst of the bubble and the calamity of the Great Recession of 2008, not unlike the tulip craze that took place in 17th century Holland.
In Holland, the financial hysteria called tulipomania reached its peak 100 years later when bulbs changed hands for thousands of pounds each.
And at the height of tulipomania, a single "flamed" bulb traded for the equivalent of 15 years of wages for the average Amsterdam bricklayer.
It was called Tulipomania, and people spent huge sums of money on a single bulb.
Moreton Gardening Club, meeting, Tulipomania, by Roger Copson, Community Centre, Maryland Lane, 8pm.