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No formal charges have been filed against the nonprofit ANC Western Region, which provides translators for elections and does not endorse candidates.
Up-to-date training methods, including videotaping, role-playing techniques, and direct supervision techniques, should be employed in the training of translators.
As the translator prepares the German text, she can -- with a few keystrokes -- see how the course will look in German at any stage of the process.
From the very start, Lionbridge has been a leader in helping us increase access to knowledge around the world and advocate for translation as a strategic humanitarian tool," said Andrew Bredenkamp, Board Chair of Translators without Borders.
Recently, the program reached 10,000 qualified translators signed up in the system.
MTC Soft, a tiny-15 employees--Spanish software firm will be challenging their primacy in automatic translation from English into Spanish with VICTOR Translator, a ground-breaking new product.
Ardashes Kassakhian, director of the ANC Western Region, denied wrongdoing, saying translators were instructed not to discuss politics at the polls.
In practice, however, any knowledgeable translator knows this will usually produce an inaccurate result.
Translators always struggle at these points; oftentimes here they have resorted to a solution that flattens out the text a bit too much.
The University of Arizona's First Inter American Symposium on Disability Between the United States and Mexico held in 1994 used conference translators and interpreters extensively.
These translators reduce the cost of migration by virtually eliminating the need to recreate prior design data and libraries.
com forum, roughly 45-50% of the translators responded that they believe there's fierce competition within the translation industry.