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When a parent-subsidiary relationship exists between two companies in different countries using different currencies, the act or practice of changing the financial statements of the subsidiary to conform to the accounting standards of the parent's country, as well as re-denominating the subsidiary's currency into the parent's currency. According to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States, the translation of a foreign currency to U.S. dollars must be accurate as of the date on the financial statement. If there have been substantial changes to the exchange rate since that date, the consolidated financial statement must note this.


The expression of amounts denominated in one currency in terms of another currency by using the rate at which two currencies are exchanged. For example, a firm with foreign operations might express sales made in German marks in terms of U.S. dollars. Also called foreign currency translation.
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The most recent of these is a module on translation technology within the MA in Translation Theory and Practice.
Edwards' Enterprise Content Manager integrated with TRADOS' translation technology is expected to become generally available in 4Q'2001.
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In recent years, there have been great strides made in both machine translation technology and in the usage of it in applications that can aid communications among cultures, facilitate global business and support specific industrial, educational or government applications.
With this major new release, global organizations of all sizes will benefit from the industry's most advanced translation technology while taking advantage of enhanced collaboration tools and other features that ease adoption, support expanded compatibility with other software and translation investments and drive measurable return-on-investment and productivity associated with complex translation and localization processes.

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