trading profit

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Trading profit

The profit earned on short-term trades of securities held for less than one year, subject to tax at normal income tax rates.

Trading Profit

The profit that an investor derives from buying and selling short-term securities, or those that the investor holds for less than one year. Trading profits can be substantial if the investor knows what he/she is doing, but there is a good deal of risk involved. Governments often seek to encourage long-term investment at the expense of short-term, and because of this, trading profit is usually taxed at the (higher) income tax rate instead of the capital gains rate.

trading profit

The income derived from buying and selling a security at a profit within a relatively short-term period.

trading profit

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In addition to a permanent penny stock bar, Napodano agreed to pay full disgorgement of his insider trading profits totaling $143,865.
The group saw underlying trading profits drop to PS35.
The US, which represents the bulk of Wolseley's earnings, saw trading profits rise - but suffered a tough period for industrial markets in the fourth quarter, which the group said was expected to continue.
The Leamington-based group, which achieves 14 per cent of its sales from UK businesses such as Plumb Center, Pipe Center and Drain Center, said trading profits grew 7.
The Leamington Spa-based group, which achieves 14% of its sales from UK businesses such as Plumb Center, Pipe Center and Drain Center, said trading profits grew 7.
The bank said that its net profit increased by 39 per cent last year because of a surge in trading profits and gains from financial assets.
Trading profits and margins have boomed as the Co-operative Retail Trading Group leverages its bigger buying clout to forge stronger deals, according to the latest annual reports of many societies in The Coop Group's buying group.
PREMIER Foods reported marginal trading profits yesterday, despite a fall in revenues for the year to December 31.
Smith said trading profits increased by 9 per cent to $278 million in the final quarter of 2010 on flat revenues of $1.
The group - an increasing force in UK banking after snapping up a raft of players including Abbey and Alliance & Leicester - saw pre-tax trading profits rise 20 per cent to pounds 619million in the three months to September 30 as better margins boosted performance.
5% to pounds 370m and trading profits for the division increased 75% to pounds 42m.