trading pattern

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Trading pattern

Long-range direction of a security or commodity futures price, charted by drawing one line connecting the highest prices the security has reached and another line connecting the lowest prices at which the security has traded over the same period. See: Technical analysis.

Trading Pattern

The graphical representation on a chart of a trend in security prices. Technical analysts identify trading patterns for a security and predict future price movements, in part, by matching current patterns with previous patterns.

trading pattern

The systematic movement of a security's price during a period of time. Traders attempt to discover trading patterns and profit from them when buying and selling.
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Commenting on the decision, Pegasus Wireless CEO Jasper Knabb stated, "Taking into consideration current market environments and trading patterns over the last six months, the Board has determined that maintaining the listing of Pegasus Wireless' common stock on Nasdaq no longer serves the best interests of the Company and its stockholders.
The SEC's Rule 22c-2 requires fund companies to create agreements with intermediaries in order to access shareholder data within omnibus accounts and evaluate trading patterns for possible market-timing activity.
ISLAMABAD -- In line with its policy of not allowing artificially lifting the price to create false demands, the SECP is continuously monitoring trading patterns in stock market to protect interest of general investors and secure the integrity of the capital market.
SECP top management had ordered inquiry in January this year which took six months to complete which examines the trading patterns of all investors and brokers in the market near the time of UFG change for gas utilities and after that.
London Metal Exchange (LME) has inked an agreement with Millennium IT, a tech subsidiary of London Stock Exchange, to deploy new surveillance software for real-time detection of abnormal trading patterns.
The combination of these trading patterns has produced a strong statistical negative trend in EURUSD where the percentage of lower lows traded has continued to exceed highs, evidence of investors continued willingness to sell lower levels (see Chart 1).
The level of losses being experienced at Sheffield are considered unsustainable in the current economic climate with no indication of trading patterns improving in the near future," it said.
The decision to close the fast food restaurant has been attributed to altering trading patterns as well as a changing high street.
Shares in the firm slid 8% as chief executive Matt Williams said: "The results across the first half of the year demonstrate that levels of consumer confidence remain unstable and trading patterns during the second quarter have been subdued.
It primarily serves as a means to understand the motivations, trading patterns and awareness levels of existing and potential investors on BSE.
Chief executive, Peter Long, added: "Despite the ongoing economic weakness, we are encouraged by current trading patterns.