specialist's book

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Specialist's book

Chronological record maintained by a specialist that includes the specialist's own inventory of securities, market orders to sell short, and limit orders and stop orders that other stock exchange members have placed with the specialist.

Specialist's Book

A list of all long and short positions that a specialist holds. The book also contains all orders by other member firms on an exchange that the specialist may be able to fill. It is also called simply a book. See also: New York Stock Exchange Display Book.

specialist's book

See book.
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Citigroup (NYSE: C) has bought the commodity trading books of Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE: CS) (ZHR: CSGN) (CSGN.
The price verification mechanism applied to other trading books was not applied to the book;
Global Banking News-July 3, 2014--Citi buys Deutsche Bank's US power trading books
Global Banking News-July 2, 2014--Citi acquires Deutsche Bank's power trading books
Global regulators, the Basel Committee of banking supervisors from nearly 30 countries, have proposed fundamental changes in how banks price their trading books.
Adair Turner, chairman of the UK's Financial Services Authority, has said that banks need to hold five to 10 times more capital than they currently hold against their trading books.