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A security whose title is transferable by delivery . See also: Negotiable instrument.


A security that may be bought or sold. Generally, a negotiable security is traded on the secondary market, but the initial sale takes place on the primary market. Negotiable securities may be low-risk, such a Treasury bonds, or high-risk, such as stocks. They are also known as marketable securities. See also: Nonmarketable security.


1. Of, relating to, or being a price that is not firmly established.
2. Of or relating to an instrument that is easily transferable from one owner to another owner. With proper endorsement, most securities are negotiable.


A negotiable contract is one whose terms can be altered by agreement between the parties to the contract.

For example, when you negotiate the sale of your home, you might be willing to reduce the price, or you might be flexible about the closing date, generally in response to some concessions from the buyer.

Similarly, the interest rate on your mortgage or the number of points you pay might be negotiable with your lender.

A negotiable financial instrument or security is one that can be transferred easily from one party to another by endorsing and delivering the appropriate documentation.

Stock certificates are negotiable, for example, requiring the owner simply to sign the back and deliver the document to an agent. A check is also negotiable, transferring money from the writer to the payee on the basis of a signature and an endorsement.

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