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Even though the unemployment rate was worse during Reagan's first term and the economy suffered its infamous double-dip recession, total employment dropped in only one year.
Calderdale was the only council district in Yorkshire to report a fall in total employment.
auto repair industry lost 49 percent of its jobs, but at the same time took on new employees in jobs equivalent to 56 percent of total employment in the industry.
Still, the growth in total employment indicates that the labor market is continuing to improve, the government said in a statement.
Thompson examined total employment - a broader category than wage-and-salary jobs.
By 2000, manufacturing employment made up only 16 percent of total employment.
As a result, total employment may rise by only 1%, and the unemployment rate may average 5.
4 percent of the state's total employment base--and was indirectly responsible for the employment of 509,200 people in related industries.
They showed that the wage discrimination doesn't change total employment of a monopsony if the supply curves of labor in two separate markets are linear, and that Pigou-Robinson's proposition applies to the input markets.
And as a percentage of total employment, both are about a full point lower than in the early 1980s.
Twenty-two percent of responding companies planned to increase total employment in the second quarter, while 6% expected cutbacks.
The revised estimates of total employment for 1988 were about 1.
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