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With this loss of substance and exhaustion of strength, the homes of the people will be stripped bare, and three-tenths of their income will be dissipated; while government expenses for broken chariots, worn-out horses, breast-plates and helmets, bows and arrows, spears and shields, protective mantles, draught-oxen and heavy wagons, will amount to four-tenths of its total revenue.
Figure ES1: Total Revenues ($m) from Mobile Music per Year Split by 8 Key Regions 2010-2015
The Portuguese beer market generated total revenues of $4 billion in 2008, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.
The Japanese agricultural products market generated total revenues of $87.
Total revenues for the fourth quarter of 2006 were $19,591,000 as compared to $17,101,000 for the same period in 2005.
Including the store closures, year-to-date total revenues increased 2.
NASDAQ: EXPD), an international freight forwarder and customs broker, today announced a 16% increase in both total revenues and operating income for the fourth quarter ended Dec.
Total revenues for the two-month period were $905 million compared to $860 million last year, an increase of 5.
CVS Corporation (NYSE: CVS) today announced that total revenues for the five-week period ended December 30, 2006 increased 24.