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4m in total reserves at April 1 last year - the latest figure available.
73 percent of its total reserves has been spent by the Saudi Arabia in securities of foreign countries.
The bank said that its total reserves decreased by USD687m to USD129.
The expansion of total reserves at the Fed is now 45% over the two year period ending in September 2012.
7% of the country's total reserves, according to recent data of the World Gold Council.
Thus, almost 70 percent of total reserves remain invested in foreign securities.
On the other hand,Saudi Arabiaranked the fourth largest economy in terms of total reserves at the end of 2010 with total reserves including gold of SR1.
Iran's total proved crude oil reserves stands at 151 billion barrels, he said adding that "once the new explorations are completed the total reserves will increase to 154.
Growth in the monetary base (total currency in circulation plus the sum of total reserves and depository institutions' vault cash that is not applied to reserve requirements) moderated to an annualized 5.
The total reserves in place of El Franig and Baguel gas fields onshore, developed by Walter Int'l of Houston which is now owned by CMS Nomeco, have been estimated at more than 30 BCM but their production is small.
There are some people that are doing OK, but in general, the line is pretty bad," said Riley, who estimated that the industry is under-reserved by $5 billion, or about 25% of total reserves.

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