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Over the years, TRU is estimated to have paid out nearly $6 billion in total interest payments, including $910 million in 2016 and 2017.
For a buyer, there may be additional risk in the form of higher total interest payments (particularly if it's unable to assume an existing first mortgage).
Karl Whelan [UCD economist] estimates the total interest payments will amount to [euro]18billion.
The interest payments on the matured stock of DSCs still constitute a major share in the total interest payments on unfunded debt.
5 billion of the total interest payments during the period, meanwhile was paid to domestic creditors and the remaining P63.
The so-called "Build America Bonds" can reduce overall borrowing costs by letting issuers collect a tax credit of up to 35 percent of total interest payments.
If the total interest payments on the mortgage contract presented in Table 2 are compared with those in Table 3, the 1 percent increase in the interest rate results in $44,320 of additional mortgage payments over the life of the mortgage.
If you have several loans, consolidation may be a good option to lower your monthly payments; however, there are disadvantages as well, including increasing your total interest payments by extending the life of the loan.
Lower total interest payments and a shorter mortgage term, because the interest is charged against a lower mortgage balance.
10 Total interest payments = Total interest payments = 98,792.
Total interest payments on debt, including mortgage repayments, have fallen to pounds 1,790 per household.
We include in the sample only firms with a bilateral relationship and positive total interest payments.

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