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Also, the tooth was beautiful--an extraordinary specimen, while the coloring of it was of the rarest order.
The delight in the whale tooth faded out of the Buli's eyes, and he glanced about him dubiously.
So saying, he showed the whale tooth he had received from Erirola.
It is the whale tooth of Ra Vatu," he whispered to Starhurst.
In the Pampaean deposit at the Bajada I found the osseous armour of a gigantic armadillo-like animal, the inside of which, when the earth was removed, was like a great cauldron; I found also teeth of the Toxodon and Mastodon, and one tooth of a Horse, in the same stained and decayed state.
A tooth of a mastadon has been brought from Bahama; Edin.
In Pennsylvania, the baby tooth researchers tracked a rise in childhood cancers that corresponded with a reactor opening.
It contributes to tooth decay and gum disease and should be discussed with a dentist as part of a person's comprehensive management of MS.
Knocked-out tooth Pick up the tooth by the chewing surface, gently rinse it off, and put it back in the socket, if possible.
Because tooth decay has several causes, the team attempted to control for confounding factors through interviews with the students' parents.
That leaves room for your permanent tooth to come through your gum.
Although teeth are harder than bones and are protected by enamel, they are at risk of developing tooth decay.