going public

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Going public

When a private company first offers shares to the public market and investors. See: IPO.

Going Public

The act or process of a company selling stock in itself when it moves from private ownership to public trade. More generally, it refers to the actual first sale of stock to the public. Small companies looking for a new source of financing often go public, but large companies who wish to be publicly traded can do so as well. Investing in a company that is going public is generally risky because one does not know how much demand will exist for the stock after its initial offering. This risk comes from the uncertainty of the stock's resale value. See also: Publicly-traded company.

going public

The process by which a privately held company sells a portion of its ownership to the general public through a stock offering. Owners generally take their firms public because they need additional large sums of equity funding that they are unable or unwilling to contribute themselves.
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Children who were driven to school, or who took public transport, performed less well in a test measuring concentration levels, than those who had walked or cycled.
Last year we found no difference in the chance of reporting a flu-like illness in people who took public transport and people who did not," the Telegraph quoted Dr Alma Adler, research fellow in the school's department of infectious disease Epidemiology, as saying.
After several months of scandals that splintered the organization and took public attention away from athletes, the USOC's executive committee announced Sunday it has formed a task force to create a blueprint for major reform.
And because your bankers are usually your market-makers right after the IPO, we investigated how well these firms supported in the after-market the companies they took public.
Vittoria is the retired chairman and chief executive officer of Travel Services, International, a company he founded and took public in July 1997 and later sold to a large British tour operator.
During the meeting at Francis Parkman Middle School, the panel took public comments on its draft map of proposed boundaries.
Stewart founded Acacia Research Corporation, which he took public in 1995.
Others don't even own cars - and took public transportation to the show.
Stewart founded Acacia Research Corporation which he took public in 1995.
Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Fish and Game took public comment on a request by The Newhall Land and Farming Company for river alteration permits, sought for the developer's 21,000-home Newhall Ranch project.
7 million, which he took public in 2000 and returned $100 million to us.
Bureaucrats took public testimony and shifted through hundreds of faxes and letters before recommending that it bare the likeness of Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who helped Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase almost 200 years ago.