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Bob was the oldest and Tom next -- tall, beautiful men with very broad shoulders and brown faces, and long black hair and black eyes.
Let mine come last, and tell one for Tom next," said Polly, looking round, and beckoning him nearer.
Partick Thistle star Edwards said: "I am expecting even bigger things from Tom next season.
Are you excited to find out what happens to Liz, Red, the Task Force and Tom next season?
Tom next door or Sarahin the next village may have seen it so it will have been recorded.
You can catch Tom next Friday as the first of a new season of guests at Warwick Folk Club, which meets at the Warwickshire County Council Club in Northgate House, Northgate Street.
Readers will learn a lot about what the Irish famine was really like as they eagerly turn the pages to find out what will happen to Tom next.