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While CY was negotiating to sell the first Heathrow time slot to Qatar Airways some months back, the media reported on a number of specifics, including the cost of the time slot, estimated at e1/415m.
If airlines fail to stick to their allotted departure times, they could be sent to the end of the queue where they will wait for a vacant time slot to emerge.
1 million, primarily due to a decrease in the number of time slots sold.
This behavior occurs because of the large number of idle time slots on the channel, and increasing the number of nodes increases the efficiency of the channel usage leading to a higher [P.
In a TDM setting, a channel is established between two points consisting of physical wires, reserved time slots in a TDM mux, physical cross-point connections in a switch or other real connections.
MANCHESTER, England -- As on-line electrical websites use the cheap airline tactic of charging extra for add-ons which only appear at checkout, The Co-operative leads the way for consumers by introducing a new ground-breaking free 60 minute time slot delivery service* today (Friday 16 November 2012).
Cyprus Airways workers unions consider the selling of time slots casus belli, as they have said in the past that it only "aims to weaken the company and facilitate privatization plans".
The quarter-over-quarter decrease was due to higher discounts offered in the first quarter of 2009, which was partially offset by the change in the mix of the time slots sold-the number of time slots sold in Beijing Capital International Airport, which has a higher-than-average ASP, accounted for a higher percentage of total time slots sold in the first quarter of 2009.
The business model of studios' distribution was clearly changing from selling programs "by the pound" to securing time slots on any TV outlet.
KFSM was the ratings winner in the entire 11-county, designated market area, though--the CBS affiliate led during all three evening news time slots.
Like the other networks that have announced their fall schedules thus far, ABC has reduced its number of sitcoms, adding but two new comedies and juggling the time slots of those remaining.
The idea is simple--bring all the services to a SONET format by mapping them to SONET time slots.