Three i's

Three i's (3i's, formerly Investors in Industry)

a company which provides LOAN and SHARE CAPITAL for VENTURE CAPITAL projects, MANAGEMENT BUYOUTS and other activities requiring specialized financing, particularly small project ‘start up’ funding.
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Jack Shaheen, an authority on the representation of Arabs and Muslims in the US media and popular culture, argues persuasively that three I's are responsible for such denigration of Arabs and Muslims: Ignorance, Indolence and Israel.
First, I would like to state that all three I's (Infrastructure, Innovation, Information) are considered coenablers to achieve the country's transformation by means of sustainable growth that is inclusive.
Smith calls for more of the three i's - investment, innovation and infrastructure.
This can be done through what is known as the three I's (i) Intensified case finding, (ii) Isonaizid Preventive Therapy or IPT and (iii) Infection Control.
He explained to her that the career was all about the three I's -- independence, income and impact -- and Vaughn's mere curiosity developed into passionate interest.
To continue the progress and save more lives, comprehensive HIV services must include the Three I's for HIV/TB strategy: isoniasid preventive therapy, intensified screening and infection control for TB, and it should also include earlier treatment for HIV for those that are eligible," he added.
a person of integrity, one who is informed, and one who is independent minded (the three I's as I term it), all of which we want directors to be.
Marketers should assess their partners using the three I's -- ideas, interaction, and intelligence -- to select the right partners.
All of min's picks showed an extraordinary understanding of how the Web's three I's - immediacy, intimacy and interactivity - can do more than extend a publishing brand into cyberspace," said Steve Smith, new media editor of min and min's b2b and consultant for the awards program.
The Three I's form the essential technology building blocks driving the online user experience.