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Dunphy, host of current affairs show The Last Word, will step down from his lucrative EUR350,000 a year part-time role before the end of the year.
Even the phrase 'I old ube the next Obamac ' will truncate the last word, because the string width is exactly the same, because all the same characters are being used.
I'm delighted that the Last Word is going from strength to strength and I don't envisage any approaches from TV3.
The varied success of past solutions has left some residents skeptical the latest study will be the last word on the issue.
They will say George will have the last word on the much-awaited last episode of the quirky NBC sitcom about the lives of four self-obsessed New Yorkers.
Fortunately for all concerned, Barkley failed to get in the last word on that ``Last Word.
For these reasons, it only makes sense that the Supreme Court have the last word in this contentious debate.
PPMC then uses The Last Word to give the customer a reminder at the Point of Purchase of those products advertised on television and or radio.
SINKING FEELING: Encyclopedia Britannica, the last word in collected knowledge, has digitized and posted on the Internet a fascinating slew of information on everbody's favorite sea-borne disaster, the H.
The ruling will not be the last word on the subject, and almost certainly will not end the ambivalence each of us faces when confronted with easing pain in a humane way for ourselves or a loved one.
Looking better and written worse than Steven Spielberg's first dinosaur derby, ``Lost World'' is indisputably the last word in exquisitely faked mayhem.
We refuse to let out-of-town publications get the last word.