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In essence, their goals deliver in the near term while creating a more valuable business for the long term (see the adjacent sidebar discussing Nordstrom's strategy).
Jansen, Spink, and Saracevic (2000) report the distribution of the frequency of use of terms in queries as highly skewed.
Term Limits, the organization that has served as the spiritual godfather of the movement.
As the largest state, California has the legislature that most resembles Congress, so it's a good place to consider the likely impact of term limits at the federal level.
Term Limits' Jacob says, "[The first] measure appeared to be punitive, and voters have indicated that their intent is not to punish their legislators.
In interpreting what Congress intended by the term "employee" in ERISA, the Fourth Circuit devised a novel three-part test.
The latter point, if accepted by the NRC staff and commissioners, could put on hold any immediate consideration of changes in nuclear regulations based on the current spate of new source term studies.