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She suggested someone had used the victim's bank card to buy computer goods online and was told a new temporary account would be opened for her.
The bill provides for the balance on a property sale price to be paid into a special temporary account, allowing the director of the land registry department to initiate the transfer procedure.
Pauly Rogers has refused to sign off on any of the city's subsequent audits, citing, among other issues, the city's failure to provide adequate documentation for a $67,000 temporary account that the city's accountant created during the fiscal year running from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009.
This temporary account would last until the end of the business day, permit general Internet usage, and allow for access to databases with license agreements allowing unrestricted walk-up use.
Many of the utilities included in the study gave the E Source research team temporary account access to enable a full assessment of their automated services.
In this case, although Plaintiffs asserted at least five different theories of recovery against the [Defendant], all of their claims are based on the Bank's alleged breach of a duty, created contractually or otherwise, (1) to preserve the funds [OMC] wired to its temporary account in the [Defendant]'s [WMBC] sub-branch, and to disburse those funds only according to Jones' directions; and (2) to require Jones' authorization for any withdrawals from [WBMC's] accounts in an amount greater than $25,000.
Once there, they can create a temporary account that will stay active for five days.
For those who do not like to create accounts for online services, a temporary account can be provided, which offers full use of the system without access to the forums or storage capabilities.
A bank employee will be responsible for transactions relating to this special, temporary account, and all questions and confirmation can be directed to them.
The arrangement even includes a "dummy" temporary account in the taxpayer's name, set up by and for the bank to receive the refund.
When a patient is scheduled in PHS, a temporary account number is created and sent via HL7 to our McKesson Series hospital information system (HIS) and HPF.
A user requiring access to a privileged or temporary account makes an online request to check out a username and password.

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