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There was a time in Doha, about two decades ago, when people queued in front of such telephone booths particularly during weekends.
Evidently, telephone booths and pay stations are still common in the United Kingdom, where a source tells me they are easy to find in London.
The other 3,000 telephone booths are to be installed from June 2009 at a rate of 150 booths each month, he added.
Verizon, for instance, has reduced its nationwide telephone booth fleet to 425,000, down 25,000 in the last two years.
The telecoms group, famous for its white telephone booths and cheap local calls, is also expected to raise about pounds 150 million from the float to help it develop its network and provide new services.
These included publicity campaigns in telephone booths, on a fleet of Barcelona buses, and in the metro.
No wonder that she spends a great deal of her time huddled under stairwells and in telephone booths and toilets.
It was as though exuberant boys and girls had ducked into separate telephone booths and emerged as businesslike young men and women.
Super Media manages the outdoor advertising business and it is the sole agent for the advertisements on more than 3,600 public telephone booths around the city of Shanghai.
Limited Tenders are invited for Provision Of Wooden Flooring In Room Of Hon Ble Speaker Room No 29 Sg Rss Renovation Of Room No 20 B And 34 Partition In Room No 77 B And Other Misc Repair Works In Sound Telephone Booths Of Lok Sabha Chamber At Parliament House New Delhi
The DPO said that instruction have been given to department of Auqaf to provide all necessary facilities including availability of doctors, telephone booths, street lights and electric generator so that Sikh Yatrees could celebrate their religious festival without facing any difficulty.
Chairman Committee also recommended that use of mobile phones by prisoners should be banned and telephone booths should be made in jail and every prisoner should be given a card once a week to talk to his family and lawyer.