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It's all too easy to view telematics as an additional business cost But the right choice of telematics provider can provide a significant return on investment.
A third issue, simply put, is whether there is a killer app for telematics.
Market Trends and Issues II-15 Spirited Growth in the Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market II-15
Sun's Telematics Manager, Ken Santoro, points to DoCoMo of Japan's wildly successful I-mode service as such an example.
Along with installations, subscriber base, and rate of renewals poised for growth, the new technological advancements in the pipeline also hold promise for the telematics market.
Non-believers in telematics are now a thing of the past," says Phil Magney principal analyst at TRG.
The Renesas SH-4A processor is already widely used in existing OEM navigation systems and Bluetooth hands-free kit products and is also ideal for next-generation telematics systems.
The agreement cements and extends Airbiquity's working relationship with Continental, the recognized global leader in telematics control units.
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