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A complete asset or investment disposal such as outright sale or liquidation.


The removal of assets from a person or firm's balance sheet through sale, exchange, closure, bankruptcy, or some other means. Divestiture may occur when a person or company has acquired more than he/she/it can properly administer. This sort of divestiture may occur slowly; for example, a corporation may slowly sell subsidiaries to concentrate exclusively on its core competence. On the other hand, divestiture may occur because a person or company has become cash poor and needs to build liquidity very quickly.


The sale, liquidation, or spinoff of a division or subsidiary. For example, a firm may decide to divest itself of a division in order to concentrate its managerial efforts on more promising segments of its business.
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More information on the Telcordia Service Management Suite, Telcordia Device Director and Service Director can be found at http://www.
The Telcordia Service Creation Team, part of Telcordia Global Services, enables service providers to efficiently transform networks and deliver solutions within aggressive timeframes.
This project leverages the Accenture Communications Solutions and the Telcordia suite of products, which in combination will help to facilitate Telemar's business objectives of rolling out advanced data services to the market more rapidly and economically.
Easynet operates one of the most powerful, high-capacity IP networks in Europe and Telcordia's solution will help them deploy innovative network services in weeks compared to the industry average of months," said Jon Collins, Vice President EMEA, Telcordia.
Telcordia is embarking on multiple tier-one trials with carriers across the globe, having completed lab trials with a major carrier in North America supporting both GSM and CDMA technologies.
Total Call Mobile has identified a market that is incredibly loyal and until now has been largely untapped," said Doug Patterson, Vice President, Telcordia Hosted Solutions.
By serving as host, and by helping develop the FSAN interoperability test plan, Telcordia is demonstrating its commitment to enabling the expansion of the broadband access market.
The Telcordia telematics solution demonstrates the innovative spirit and forward-thinking momentum for which Telcordia is known," said Adam Drobot, President and Chief Technical Officer, Advanced Technology Solutions, Telcordia.
The TSAT will be a critical link for military operations worldwide, requiring best-of-the-best technology and know-how," said Adam Drobot, President and CTO, Advanced Technology Solutions, Telcordia.
With shifting industry dynamics and the growing appetite for new services, carriers require the superior assets and experience of industry leaders to offer a proven path to success," said Mike Henderson, president, Global Solutions, Telcordia.
The deployment of the Telcordia Hosted Solution dramatically reduces upfront capital investment in technical infrastructure and minimizes the need to hire skilled telecom resources enabling the company to launch service quickly.