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1/16 or 0.0625 of one full point in price. Steenth.


1. Prior to decimalization, one-sixteenth of one point. That is, if a stock price falls a teenie, it falls 1/16 of a dollar.

2. After decimalization, one cent.
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What Teeny and his friends had was a massive 400-pound great white shark that got tangled up in one of his crab pots and died.
In addition to wipes that protect from germs and bacteria, Teeny Towels are available as Insect Repellent wipes, which are DEET-free.
5x zoom into a teeny body (it's less than an inch thick).
Like us all, Teeny, you just have to growl and bear it.
Have you seen them squinched-together teeny type, all in hardto-read capital letters.
Partek's original prototype line in Vancouver included granulation, washing, kinetic cleaning and color sortation technologies as developed by engineer Parry Teeny of Teeny Designs Inc.
The Teeny Tap is available for purchase from Net Optics at www.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Little Bahalia Publishing LLC is proud to announce the release of two new picture books in its Fall lineup: Teeny Tiny Trucks and A Troop is a Group of Monkeys.
Leigh Dumighan launched the Teeny Weenies Bliss group last year to help city parents with premature or sick babies.
Teeny Tiny Tales for Toddlers" is a delightful collection of five illustrated brief stories about a teeny tiny family of doll-like creatures who live in a complete miniature house at the bottom of the garden.
Rather than put teeny dresses on teeny hangers in teeny wardrobes, all she seemed to want to do when not watching Button Moon was to lie on her bedroom floor orchestrating, like some laid-back town planner, the careful parallel parking of teeny cars.
FANCIES Richard and wondered: "Would even have a teeny, teeny, teeny interest in me?