technological unemployment

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Technological Unemployment

Unemployment that occurs because advances in machinery renders workers redundant. For example, a machine that mass produces shoes may cause a cobbler to lose his business. Technological unemployment is the result of a disparity between the collective skills of the workforce of an economy and the skills necessary to perform the available jobs. As such, it is a type of structural unemployment.

technological unemployment

UNEMPLOYMENT resulting from the AUTOMATION of production activities. Automation serves to improve labour PRODUCTIVITY, reducing the labour needed for making and distributing products, so some labour may become unemployed. If demand rises as a result of reduced costs and prices of products, labour may not be made unemployed, the same labour force serving to produce a greater output (rather than a reduced labour force producing the same output). In addition, technological change can serve to make particular labour skills obsolete. Government assistance schemes and retraining of labour can alleviate the problem of technological unemployment to some extent. See STRUCTURAL UNEMPLOYMENT, TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESSIVENESS, SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS.
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The factors associated with income inequality include the usual suspects, such as globalization, technological unemployment, dysfunctional politics, the welfare state, and the "crowding out" of the private sector by the government, which steadily is increasing in size and scope.
This daylong event will also showcase new ideas for social change covering the most current understandings in the areas of: human values, economy, applied science, technological unemployment and global sustainability.
Now, two centuries after the original Luddites smashed then-newfangled weaving frames in northern England, predictions of permanent technological unemployment have been revived.
No longer feeling the pressure of economic necessity except to arrange the just distribution of resources and avoid technological unemployment, his compatriots will be able to reduce the working day to three hours and devote themselves to the creative use of leisure and the deeper problems of life.
At the same time, there is increased focus on investigating the relative influence of technological unemployment and wealth disparity on the trajectory of the economy over the past two decades.
Presently, the Black middle class is still suffering from technological unemployment, which continues to fundamentally alter the sociology of the Black community.
1998) "The Brief Reign of the Knowledge Worker: Information Technology and Technological Unemployment.
Paradoxically, the promise of a new leisure society and the threat of mass technological unemployment have both been thwarted by the pace of technological change itself.
Second, when it was clear that containerization would lead to technological unemployment and would not go away, they negotiated a guaranteed annual income for displaced union members.
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Concern about the dignity and rights of children; psychometrics flourished; economic depression caused concern about job placement and unemployment Technological unemployment and worldwide depression were major social issues.
These prognostications of beneficial outcomes nevertheless may not assuage more classical concerns about the possibility of permanent technological unemployment.

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