technical rally

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Technical rally

Short rise in securities or commodities futures prices in the face of a general declining trend. Such a rally may result because investors are bargain hunting or because analysts have noticed a particular support level at which securities usually bounce up. Antithesis of correction.

Technical Rally

An increase in a security's price following a downward trend. It is important to note that a technical rally is caused by technical factors, rather than by any fundamental changes to the security. For example, an increase in price resulting from investors' needs to buy the security to return shares sold on margin is a technical rally. An actual change to the security's value, such as the announcement of stronger-than-usual sales, may result in an increase in the share price, but this is not considered a technical rally.

technical rally

A temporary rise in a security price or in the general market during a downward trend. Technical rallies are considered interruptions to a general trend.
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