Technical Information

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Technical Information

Information related to the momentum of a particular variable. In market analysis, technical information is information related to market dynamics and crowd behavior only.

Technical Indicator

Statistical information that is used to determine future trends in security prices and to make or recommend investment decisions based on those trends. Technical indicators have nothing to do with the intrinsic value of securities, but instead focus on matters such as trade volume, the number of odd-lot sales or short sales, and volatility. Technical indicators show short-term trends almost exclusively; this is both a strength and a weakness in their analysis. See also: Economic indicator.
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Microform Brookhaven Press National Technical Information Service Northern Micrographics
This tool enables a single search request to retrieve information from the Portal contents as well as DTIC's vast collection of scientific and technical information.
Defense Technical Information Center MATRIS Office, DTIC-DMA San Diego, California 92152-6800 (619)553-7000
With a Company Licenses for ALL TAPPI Test Methods and Technical Information Papers, your company will have immediate access to more than 500 individual Test Methods and TIPs.
PartMiner and Thomson Scientific share a common goal of delivering mission-critical technical information in the most intuitive and convenient methods.
IHS (NYSE:IHS) is a leading global provider of critical technical information, decision-support tools and related services to customers in a number of industries including energy, defense, aerospace, construction, electronics, and automotive through two operating segments, Engineering and Energy.
NYSE: IHS), a leading global provider of critical technical information, decision-support tools, and strategic services, today announced Scott Key was promoted to Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing for the company.
TAPPI Test Methods and Technical Information Papers (TIPs) may now be accessed on line for an annual fee.
Mark McMahon, Ford Service Diagnostic Operations Manager explains: "The IDS software is installed on the Portable Test Unit (PTU) - a Panasonic CF18 'Toughbook(TM)' laptop - and is fully integrated into the existing Ford ETIS software which is the on-line technical information system used in Ford Authorised Repairer Workshops.
The Defense Technical Information Center collects and distributes authoritative scientific, research, and engineering information to the defense community.
Company Licenses for access to ALL TAPPI Test Methods and Technical Information Papers will be available in March 2004.

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