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Establish and maintain a separately managed account with common investment management for the Taxable Municipal Bonds ( Portfolio ) B.
Taxable municipal bonds, bonds with floating rates, and derivatives are excluded from the index.
Next, we examine the relationship between municipal bond yields and state-level demand and supply for the subsample of states with no income tax and for a control sample of taxable municipal bonds.
5 billion in Build America Bonds in two tranches Monday, the largest sale of those taxable municipal bonds in more than a month.
Part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, BABs are taxable municipal bonds carrying special tax credits and federal subsidies for municipal bond issuers.
Gore said that President Clinton would propose some $700 million over the next five years in new federal spending to leverage up to $10 billion in taxable municipal bonds, which he dubbed "Better America Bonds.
Eventually, some of the small corporations that issue taxable municipal bonds will grow and want to take their company public.
Treasury-subsidized taxable municipal bonds for any continuous 24-month period ending on or prior to December 31, 2014.
These were taxable municipal bonds that carried special tax credits and federal subsidies for either the bond issuer or the bondholder.
The webinar presentation addressed the importance of the BAB program to the municipal bond market, the appeal of BABs to institutional investors and the approach for managing a standalone allocation to taxable municipal bonds.
Ferris was also responsible for marketing multiple products including tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds, high-yield municipal bonds and derivative products.