going private

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Going private

When publicly owned stock in a firm is replaced with complete equity ownership by a private group. The firm is delisted on stock exchanges and can no longer be purchased in the open markets.

Going Private

A process in which the senior management of a publicly-traded company or a small group of investors buys all of the company's shares outstanding. Going private gives the management or investor group complete control of the company and allows it to operate without recourse to shareholders. Going private is often highly leveraged. When the management purchases the company, one usually refers to the act as a management buyout.

going private

The process by which a publicly held company has its outstanding shares purchased by an individual or by a small group of individuals in order to obtain complete ownership and control. The group wishing to take the firm private may feel that the market is undervaluing the shares. In addition, the purchaser(s) may not wish to meet the various requirements imposed on a publicly held company. Also called management buyout.
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The article reminded teachers that taking private pupils on the side is against the law in Cuba.
The participants were students of the Japanese language, some taking Japanese as an elective at the University of Jordan ad others taking private courses in Japanese at the Japanese Learning Centre at JAAJ, or the JICA Alumni Association Jordan, the main venue for learning Japanese outside the University of Jordan.
You can't ignore the constitutional violation of the government taking private property and giving it to a private developer," Siegel said.
Melbourne, July 16(ANI): Katie Holmes is taking private dance lessons at Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance studio, it has emerged.
Somerfield chief executive Paul Mason said: "It's not been easy, but I really believe that the taking private of Somerfield has allowed the business to be transformed in a way that just couldn't have happened in the public markets.
Wansbeck MP Denis Murphy last year accused dentist Richard Fretwell of "greed" for taking private his Guide Post Dental Practice, near Ashington, Northumberland.
Bennett isn't the only one who thinks taking private property is bad business.
She saw his rage, knew he was sleeping a lot and said he was constantly taking private calls on his cell phone.
They have extensive experience litigating cases involving CRAs and local governments taking private property for the purpose of redevelopment, allowing private developers to unleash the profit potential of the condemned properties.
Other policy options include stopping users from generating their own digital identities, bringing other identities into the system, taking private keys elsewhere or deleting keys issued to them, and hiding keys from users so they can receive information without being able to use the keys that allow them to decrypt it automatically.
She had never been interested in photography before but decided to purchase a camera with her refund and began taking private lessons.