takeover target

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Takeover target

A company that is the object of a takeover attempt, friendly or hostile.

Takeover Target

A publicly-traded company that is the object of a takeover, especially, but not necessarily, a hostile takeover. That is, another company is interested in buying the takeover target, often by buying its shares with the intent of obtaining a majority stake without the authorization of its board of directors. An acquiring company identifies takeover targets based on a variety of factors, including share price and growth potential; it may buy up to 5% of the takeover target without publicly disclosing its intentions. A takeover target is also called a target company.

takeover target

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Genial Joe Janiak, trainer of King's Stand winner Takeover Target, sat in the post-race press conference chatting away like this extraordinary victory was nothing more unusual than the first beer of a warm evening.
It was a tremendous achievement but, without taking an ounce of glory from that victorious sortie, I don't believe it begins to match Janiak's feat with Takeover Target.
He bought Takeover Target, whom the knacker must have had fairly high on his list of 'soon to arrive' for pounds 500.
Furthermore, as the battle for high-net-worth customers intensifies, Butte believes companies with positions in this market could become attractive takeover targets, especially scale-disadvantaged firms.
S&P analyst Phil Wohl says WCOM remains his top wireline telecom services pick -- and he thinks PCS and FON are still attractive takeover targets.
A good example of a specialty retailer I would look at as a potential takeover target is Hot Topic (Nasdaq: HOTT).