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Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

The largest stock exchange in Japan with the some of the most active trading in the world.

Tokyo Stock Exchange

The second largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization. The TSE was established in 1878. After World War II, it experienced growth unprecedented in history. By the early 1990s, it accounted for approximately 60% of the world's market capitalization. It has since fallen because of the Asian Financial Crisis, but it remains one of the world's most important exchanges.


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The TSE has also been seeking cooperation with exchanges in China, South Korea, India and other Asian countries.
If you are interested in comparing the total returns on your investments with those for the Index, you can use the TSE 300 Total Return Index.
The FSA believes the TSE was excessively lenient toward Kanebo and that this helped the company's manipulation of its books to go undetected for so long, according to insiders.
This index is a collaboration of the NYSE, Standard & Poor's, TSE, and the Deutsche Borse
The TSE plans to list foreign stocks on the bourse's First or Second section based on new standards, but all 32 foreign issues now listed on the foreign section are likely to be listed on the First Section, the officials said.
The TSE accounts for nearly 80% of the dollar value of stocks traded in Canada every day.
asp, UniPrint TSE 64-bit has been designed to simplify printer driver installation and administration, while simultaneously improving performance.
The approval came at the TSE's second general meeting of shareholders, mostly brokerages eligible to trade on the TSE.
A market-leading printing solution for Server-based Computing environments, UniPrint TSE is specifically developed to make enterprise-class printing functionality a cost-effective reality for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) working within a Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) Terminal Server environment.
Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) President Masaaki Tsuchida said Tuesday the TSE plans to launch measures as early as fall to strengthen criteria for member companies to stay listed on the bourse.
By integrating UniPrint in to TSE, Propalms will now be able to provide its users with the anytime, anywhere printing functionality of INGENICA's market-leading solution.
Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) President Masaaki Tsuchida said Tuesday he hopes the TSE can work out a basic plan for night-time trading sometime before the end of November.