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We received our Walsall Branch Mercian Standard in June and have already been on parade at the TA 100 at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas were the Duke of Kent planted a tree to commemorate 100 years of the TA.
The scroll invites Coun Arnold to the main TA 100 event which is being held on September 6.
lechleri latex on mutagenic activity of the indirectly acting mutagen 2-Aminoanthracene (2 [micro]g/plate) was examined in plate incorporation assay, using tester strain TA98 and TA 100 with S9 mix.
50] was found to be 340 [micro]g/ml and 430 [micro]g/ml for TA98 and TA 100 respectively (Table 3).
The TA 75, like the Exchange's current benchmark index, the TA 100, will be weighted by market capitalization.
These shares will remain part of the TA 100 Index, which comprises the Exchange's 100 largest shares.
The TA 100 index comprises the largest 100 shares traded in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), based on market capitalization.
Monica Eisinger, MIND's President and CEO, said, "We have experienced increased public interest in MIND and its shares both on Nasdaq and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and hope that our inclusion in the TA 100 will contribute to this trend.
The TA 25 and TA 100 Indexes are composed of the largest companies on the TASE, ranked by market capitalization.
The company will join the TA 25 Index - the TASE's benchmark stock index - and the TA 100 Index.
They will join the TA 100 Index beginning August 1 and the Tel-Tech - the TASE's benchmark technology-share index - at the beginning of 2002.