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the exchange of information in an ORGANIZATION. For organizations to work effectively, it is vital that information be communicated to those who need it. For example, the pay department would not be able to function properly if it were not notified of employees' hours of work. In this sense organizations can be conceived of as systems for exchanging information. Withholding information, i.e. failure to communicate, can be an effective means of exerting power over others in the organization. If a manager is not fully aware of what is going on in the organization he or she may be unable to influence decisions or events.

Often the effective transmission of information is impeded. As a piece of information is passed from top to bottom of an organization it may be modified by the misinterpretation or bias of each individual involved, so that by the time the information reaches its final destination it has a very different content. Effective communication can also be time-consuming, and hence arduous to perform. However, the effort can be worthwhile since those employees who feel they are not fully informed about matters relevant to their job may become demotivated and dissatisfied. As a result performance suffers. There is also evidence that individuals are more likely to respect bosses who they feel keep them informed. In addition to these ‘behavioural’ aspects of communication the process or ‘technology’ of internal and external communication has changed dramatically in the last decade. For example, conventional telephone systems (based on fixed-wired handsets) have been increasingly augmented by the cordless (mobile) telephone and accessories such as VOICE MESSAGING. Moreover, many businesses have integrated their PC (personal computer) networks and telecommunications to take advantage of value-added network services such as ELECTRONIC MAIL, VIDEO CONFERENCING and ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE. These developments, while enhancing the immediacy and effectiveness of communications, have also facilitated flexibility and mobility, allowing staff to reduce their dependency on being physically present at an office in order to conduct business. See CONSULTATION, EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT, EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION, INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY, COMMUNITY CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL SOCIAL RIGHTS, DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, INFORMATION HIGHWAY, BUSINESS PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING.

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Even if synchronous communication is not possible, uploading videos to YouTube could allow for asynchronous video discussions, and asynchronous audio options are also available.
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In general, students submit a higher percentage of task-oriented messages than SE-oriented messages in both asynchronous and synchronous communication modes.
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This is best accomplished by the synchronous communication that occurs in regularly scheduled online chats and virtual office hours, and not simply by e-mail correspondence.
Designed using the first 4-port PCIe sync board to support the popular Zilog Z85230 Enhanced Serial Communication Controller (ESCC), the synchronous serial adapter is an ideal solution for military, satellite, radar, banking and other applications that require robust synchronous communications.
Although they could improve a lot by using the cyber asynchronous learning approach (shown by Table 3), most students might still want to have some cyber synchronous communication with their teacher or peers.
Synchronous communication can be supported through tools such as chat rooms, instant messaging, or web conferencing with whiteboard, audio, and video capabilities (e.
No matter what the topology, the interplay between a standard originally developed for asynchronous data transmission and voice technology that depends on regular, synchronous communication will always have some degree of complexity.
To help learners connected emotionally and socially, peer and student-instructor interaction can be facilitated through synchronous communication (McInnerney & Roberts, 2004) and asynchronous communication tools (Taylor, 2001).
Synchronous communication represents real-time interactions.

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