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The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing generally in Swiss equity and equity-linked securities that are traded on a Swiss stock exchange, traded at the pre-bourse level of one or more Swiss stock exchanges, traded through a market maker or traded over the counter in Switzerland.
However, this increase could not reduce the los in the Swiss stock exchange
Experts attributed this positive attitude in the Swiss stock exchange to
Syngenta is listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SYNN) and in New York (NYSE:SYT) .
According to the German airline, Swiss will be delisted from the Swiss Stock Exchange on 27 January.
The Swiss stock exchange has given up on its New Market, three years after it set up the alternative exchange for promising new firms.
subsidiary in Fremont, California, and regional headquarters through local subsidiaries in Switzerland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Logitech International is a Swiss public company traded in Switzerland on the Swiss Stock Exchange (LOGN and LOGZ) and in the U.
Its shares are listed on the SWX Swiss Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
INFICON registered shares (IFCN) are listed on the SWX Swiss Stock Exchange.
is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH001213860) and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange with trading on virt-x (SWX/VIRT-X: ADEN), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ADO) and Euronext Paris - Premier Marche (EURONEXT: ADE).
ComStock has broadened the portfolio of information that it offers by adding Level II data from the Swiss Stock Exchange, the Prague Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the Intercontinental Exchange.
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