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MEX FACTOR Jimena Navarrete SPARKLER Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell poses in Las Vegas last night LAST LEG Girls wait to hear who will be named Miss Universe 2010 PURPLE REIGN Rozanna struts her stuffin the swimsuit competition TOP TEN Finalists turn on the style at the Mandaly Bay Hotel
Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, a 22-year-old who has served in Iraq, was granted leave from the military for the one-month tour of South Africa, where before the live broadcast the contestants competed in sports, a talent showcase, and of course the swimsuit competition.
The event includes a battle of the Bands and for the first time this year a homemade recyclable swimsuit competition.
Which brings up a bone of contention at the press conference that the assorted journalists would not let go of: The swimsuit competition is sexist.
The abbreviated duration of the swimsuit competition was one of the few other indicators that I wasn't in Kansas anymore--since wearing swimwear in public in India is frowned upon as immodest.
Johnson, who wore her insulin regulator on her hip during all pageant events except the swimsuit competition, has been a tireless spokeswoman for diabetes awareness.
The protests prompted the organisers to shift the pageant's swimsuit competition to the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean .
The NOPI models will be on hand and will participate in the NOPI swimsuit competition, which is open to show attendees.
Joining Jonas in the musical lineup and performing during the MISS UNIVERSE swimsuit competition is twenty-time Latin Billboard Award winner, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Prince Royce.
The organisation behind the competition is removing one of the most-awaited portions of the pageant, the swimsuit competition, as was announced by the organisation's chairman, Julia Morley.
While she loves her school, she said she has occasionally received criticism from some there who feel the Miss America pageant, particularly the swimsuit competition, is not compatible with a Christian lifestyle because it shows too much skin or objectifies women.
She was a crowd favourite and won the swimsuit competition, but the loudest cheers were kept for hometown beauty Miss South Africa, Tatum Keshwar, who was second runner-up.