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Relieve party to a trade of any previously made obligation concerning that trade, hence allowing the would-be transactor to show the inquiry/order to a new broker.


Written statement by a creditor to the effect that a debtor has either paid off the debt or the debt is otherwise discharged. A creditor may release a lien if the loan has been paid or if other collateral has been offered. Most mortgages contain release clauses indicating under what circumstances the borrower obtains release from the mortgage lien.


See release of lien.

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Approved Sustained Release Injectables by Therapeutic Indication
Other new SEROQUEL(R) sustained release formulation studies presented at the congress show that patients who are currently receiving original formulation quetiapine, or who are inadequately treated with another antipsychotic agent, could be easily switched to SEROQUEL(R) sustained release formulation.
To order this report: Sustained Release Ocular Drug Delivery Systems Market, 2014-2024 http://www.
This trial was a double-blind, parallel group, active comparator pharmacokinetics study in which 24 patients with osteoarthritis were randomized to receive sustained release FX006 (10, 40 or 60mg) or IR TCA (40 mg) via intra-articular injection.
Roger Harris, a named inventor on NAI's new sustained release intellectual property, added, "The use of extended release formulations for beta-alanine is an advancement in supplement intake.
Ocular Therapeutix's sustained release technology is an exciting prospect for the world of ophthalmology," stated Richard Lindstrom, MD.
today announced the presentation of preclinical experimental results for OTO-104, the company's sustained release dexamethasone gel for the treatment of hearing and balance disorders.
The company is using this technology for the local delivery of sustained release drug formulations for the treatment of otic disorders including Meniere's disease and sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
OxyNal(TM) uses a pharmacological agonist-antagonist combination approach of sustained release agonist oxycodone hydrochloride, intended for use in patients with moderate to severe chronic pain, and an antagonist, naltrexone hydrochloride, formulated to deter abusers of the drug.
Clinical Trial is First for a Sustained Release Otic Injection
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Tris Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops innovative drug delivery technologies, announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its first two New Drug Applications (NDAs) based on its proprietary OralXR+(TM) platform technology including the first-ever 24 hour liquid sustained release product.

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