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Relieve party to a trade of any previously made obligation concerning that trade, hence allowing the would-be transactor to show the inquiry/order to a new broker.


Written statement by a creditor to the effect that a debtor has either paid off the debt or the debt is otherwise discharged. A creditor may release a lien if the loan has been paid or if other collateral has been offered. Most mortgages contain release clauses indicating under what circumstances the borrower obtains release from the mortgage lien.


See release of lien.

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Once a sustained release dosage form is formulated, the next question is whether a postproduction tablet treatment step is required.
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According to the company, ILUVIEN (190 micrograms intravitreal implant in applicator) is a sustained release intravitreal implant used to treat vision impairment associated with chronic DME considered insufficiently responsive to available therapies.
Assesses the importance of pharma-device alliances and partnerships on sustained release injectable drugs
The formulations are designed to be more resistant to physical methods of tampering than currently available sustained release dosage forms.
COL-003 is a sustained release oral dosage form designed to be more resistant to tampering than traditional formulations of the drug.
This new drug application (NDA) for treprostinil diethanolamine sustained release tablets (oral treprostinil) has been accepted for review by the the US Food and Drug Administration, added the company.
11/102,559 entitled "Method of Using Sustained Release Aminopyridine Compositions.
These findings underscore our belief that ELI-216 will minimize the abuse potential of a widely proscribed analgesic, sustained release oxycodone," said Bernard Berk, President and CEO of Elite.
PARIS -- Ipsen (Paris:IPN) (Euronext:FR0010259150) announced today that the 4-month sustained release formulation of Decapeptyl([R]), originated from the Group's internal research, is being tested in a phase III clinical trial.
Surprisingly, its inherent sustained release property makes Platrol[R] even better as a long-term cardio-protective drug.

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